Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Instrumentation

Multiple Sensors Enclosed Configuration

eddy current sensor capable of measuring ohms-square at multiple points cross-web inline software to record sheet resistance of web of material in real time optional PCs availabe to run ethernet-based and PC-based PLC-compatible continuous monitoring software

Non-Contact Eddy Current Resisitivity Meter with Multiple Sensors for Measuring Sheet Resistance Cross-Web

  • Non-contact measurement of Ohms/sq, Ohms-cm, resistivity, thickness, and more
  • Great for ensuring cross-web consistency
  • Works in vacuum or atmosphere, wet or dry processes
  • Choose a sensor in one of four ranges, from .005 Ohms/sq to 100,000 Ohms/sq—add other sensors later
  • Enclosed sensor frame with user-defined number of sensor positions
  • Multiple channel continuous monitoring software can be networked with PLCs or other process control systems

Four Ranges to Choose From

Up to 4.5 significant digits available, depending on instrument range:

Instrument Range Dynamic Range in Ohms/sq Significant Digits Available at Each Order of Magnitude
Low End High End 100k 10k 1k 100 10 1 .1 .01
X10 5.000 100,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
X1 .5000 10,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
÷10 .0500 1,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
÷100 .0050 100 1 2 3 4 4.5
Response rate 25 readings per second
Max web speed 1000 m/min
Reading drift with temperature Less than .25 % of max resolution per degree C
Gap size 3 mm
Minimum sample size 2.5 cm diameter circle
Spatial resolution 2 cm diameter circle
Maximum sample thickness 1.5 mm
Reach in web Customer specified
Maximum web width (while reading entire sample) Customer specified
Display response time Programmable
  • Anti-static/conductive films
  • Antennas
  • Auto
  • Batteries
  • Decorative films/paper
  • Displays
  • Flex circuitry and flexible circuit boards
  • Galvanic coatings
  • Glass windows
  • Metalized capacitor foil
  • Metalized labels
  • Microwave susceptors
  • Packaging
  • Radar absorbent materials
  • Reflectors and reflective materials
  • Semiconductors
  • Solar
  • Transparent conducting film

Options and upgrades

All options and upgrades are available for purchase with the original unit and for at least one year after purchase.

  • Vacuum ready package:

    The sensor is vacuum ready; however, for vacuum applications optional vacuum-ready cabling, brackets, and feedthrough(s) will be required.

  • Optional computer:

    Delcom can source a laptop, desktop, tablet, or industrial touchpanel PC for customers, if needed.