Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Instrumentation

20J3 inline sheet resistance meter

eddy current sensor designed to measure ohms/square inline, in real time, and without contact eddy current sensor measuring sheet resistance of a thin film in a vacuum coater 20J3 inline eddy current sensors pictured with PC featuring productivity software inline software to record sheet resistance of web of material in real time

Inline Non-Contact Eddy Current Resistivity Meter for Thin Materials

  • Non-contact measurement of Ohms/sq, Ohms-cm, resistivity, thickness, and more
  • Specifically designed for roll to roll coating applications
  • Works in vacuum or atmosphere, wet or dry processes
  • Choose a sensor in one of four ranges, from .005 Ohms/sq to 100,000 Ohms/sq—add other sensors later
  • Sensor can be easily moved from lab to production in minutes
  • Options include vacuum upgrade, inline productivity software, Ethernet connectivity, stage, and more

Four Ranges to Choose From

Up to 4.5 significant digits available depending on instrument range:

Instrument Range Dynamic Range in Ohms/Sq Significant Digits Available at Each Order of Magnitude
Low End High End 100k 10k 1k 100 10 1 .1 .01
X10 5.000 100,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
X1 .5000 10,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
÷10 .0500 1,000 1 2 3 4 4.5
÷100 .0050 100 1 2 3 4 4.5
Response rate 25 readings per second
Max web speed 1000 m/min
Reading drift with temperature Less than .25 % of max resolution per degree C
Gap size 3 mm
Minimum sample size 2.5 cm diameter circle
Spatial resolution 1.5 cm diameter circle
Maximum sample thickness 1.5 mm
Reach in web 20 cm
Maximum web width (while reading entire sample) 40 cm
Display response time Programmable
  • Anti-static/conductive films
  • Antennas
  • Auto
  • Batteries
  • Decorative films/paper
  • Displays
  • Flex circuitry and flexible circuit boards
  • Galvanic coatings
  • Glass windows
  • Metalized capacitor foil
  • Metalized labels
  • Microwave susceptors
  • Packaging
  • Radar absorbent materials
  • Reflectors and reflective materials
  • Semiconductors
  • Solar
  • Transparent conducting film

Options and upgrades

All options and upgrades are available for purchase with the original unit and for at least one year after purchase.

  • PC based software upgrade:

    This configuration does not require software for operation; however, the user can upgrade to Delcom’s productivity software for at least one year after initial purchase. The software requires a PC running Windows XP or newer OS. Delcom's software is designed to make common tasks as fluid, intuitive, and easy as possible.

  • Ethernet connectivity upgrade:

    This option is for integration with a PLC or other process control systems. It enables full remote read and control of up to six sensors via Ethernet. It also includes a fully functional website for diagnostics and setup.

  • Additional sensors:

    The 873 interface module can accommodate up to three sensors. A user may want to purchase additional sensors in order to increase the range of the entire system or to make measurements at two or more physical locations.

  • 20J3 stage:

    The sensor is designed to be used without a stage. However, for applications requiring a high level of precision we recommend a stage. The stage will hold the elevation of the conductive layer in the sensor gap and allow for better XY positioning of the material under the sensor.

  • Vacuum-ready package:

    The sensor is vacuum ready; however, for vacuum applications optional vacuum-ready cabling, brackets, and feedthrough(s) will be required.

  • Optional computer:

    Delcom can source a laptop, desktop, tablet, or industrial touchpanel PC for customers if needed.